Eddie Moore

Nyuka Wara Consulting was established in early 2017, under the direction of Eddie Moore. Nyuka Wara is a Wemba Wemba phrase which means, ‘come walk this way’. Our logo represents people traveling from different country and coming together to share knowledge and stories. Nyuka Wara’s primary role is to grow people/corporations cultural understanding of Aboriginal People.

Nyukarawa specialises in onsite staff cultural training.

Our philosophy

Nyuka Wara Consulting’s aim is to enhance the sector’s capacity to improve program design and delivery to ensure culturally appropriate, responsive, person centred and secure services for Aboriginal people. When this improvement occurs and is applied in practice, cultural learning is achievable, but it must be known that it is a continual journey of learning and self-reflection. Nyuka Wara Consulting provides advisory services to corporate and government agencies, mainstream not-for-profit organisations and others within the Aboriginal community.