Cultural Immersion

The program aims to provide a unique experience for those who participate in the program, we endeavour to create an opportunity for you to go on a journey of learning, appreciating and understanding Aboriginal culture. We want to encourage participants to Listen, Learn and Live through cultural immersion. There are three aspects that drive what we propose. We want participants to think about how they can embed these leanings into their everyday practice when engaging with Aboriginal people.

Listen: Listening to the real stories from Traditional Owners can grow your experience and understanding of each other. We are the oldest living culture in the world and we still practice our old traditional ways today, it is important to understand that our culture is what gives us our identity.

Learn: Being prepared to learn about yourself and reflect on your own culture is crucial to moving forward. Often people compare their culture to Aboriginal culture and if they experience differences it can impair their ability to engage. We encourage participants to take hold of the journey that awaits them, we encourage people to be open to listen, learning and appreciating Aboriginal people. We provide a culturally safe place for people to open up and talk about their own beliefs and get involved in our cultural activities.

Live: As we Listen, Learn and Live, we begin to grow our understanding of Aboriginal culture, it is found that participants learn better ways to connection with Aboriginal people.