Aboriginal Cultural Training “Ways of working with Aboriginal people”

Our training’s main aim is to guide services in new ways of working with Aboriginal people. The training we provide is unique in that it references academic evidence, for example, Yunkaporta’s Indigenous pedagogy, ‘8 ways of learning’. The process is participant centric, and requires participants to be actively involved their own learning. The learning activities include, problem solving, analysis, discussion, and evaluation.

Our aim is to take our participants on a journey of Cultural Learning where they will become acceptable to cultural differences, and have the ability to analyse power imbalances, institutional racism, colonisation and relationships with others. This Cultural Learning shifts the focus between individual and personal experiences to broader consideration of how systemic practice and organisational structures need to respond in order to ensure services are delivered in a culturally appropriate, respectful and timely manner. In organisations this will include effective community-driven governance, community engagement, service planning, physical surroundings, policies and procedures, worker attitudes, awareness, behaviours, knowledge and skills to ensure that Aboriginal people perceive the system as culturally competence, responsive and person centred.